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Worship and Baptism

The people of Goath Bux Ali, a small village in Pakistan, were excited when Shakeel Rehmat visited on behalf of Reach the Nations and brought a musical instrument to accompany their worship. Shakeel reports that he shared a message from Genesis 6 and "we all were blessed to serve our Lord Jesus and had fellowship."

Later that evening Shakeel and his team went to Korki where they also "worshiped and proclaimed the word of God with (the musical) instrument and people were blessed."

He went on to tell of one woman who was new to the group and had come to ask for prayer because she was ill. She was wearing threads on her neck that had been placed there by a Hindu religious leaders. Shakeel challenged her to remove the threads, repenting of her sins and believing in Jesus Christ. Then he prayed for her healing. Shakeel says, "We believe God has done (this) for her. We believe in faith."

The next day at Kumb they rejoiced at the baptism of five new Christians ranging in age from 7 to 60. They, too, removed the Hindu religious threads from their necks as a sign they are now followers of Jesus. This is bold move in a predominately Muslim nation as it is a public declaration of their turning to Christ. Their Hindu families will respond as well, usually negatively, to this open rejection of their former religion. Please pray for these courageous believers.

In the photo below, Shakeel shows some of the Hindu threads (with a small idol attached) that he helped to remove from one of the new believers necks as they turned from their past ways to follow the ways of Jesus.

Pray for the continuing work in these villages - for commitment to following Christ even though they are persecuted and for their growth in knowledge of the Bible and in maturing in their new faith as Shakeel and others lead them.

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