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Pakistani Pastor Encouraged at Lausanne Conference

In August, the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Occurring once a generation, this is the third such gathering that the Lausanne Movement has convened. Previous gatherings held were in Singapore in 1987 and Malaysia in 2006, The purpose of the conference is to mobilize and connect emerging evangelical influencers for global mission. This year, 1000 younger leaders gathered from 160 countries with the purpose of connection, praying and discerning together God's leading of their generation for His global mission.

Reach the Nations was able to help an outstanding Pakistani pastor attend the conference and this is his response upon returning to Rawalpindi:

"Brother Gary,

Let me first of all share with you the experience of Lausanne-2016. It was such a great experience, to me it was a huge thing. I've been to international conference before but this was totally different. 160 countries under one roof, nations praying for nations. Awesome....

It has really brought me to a whole new level of understanding the ministries working outside Pakistan and their passion for the kingdom of God. I heard many stories from different parts of the world, that really touched my heart. I cried many a times and wept before Lord, to see how has He been faithful to those who have been persecuted so bad because of the Gospel.

I was able to meet many church leaders from almost all over the world. They shared with me of what they were doing and i shared with them of what we have been doing in Pakistan. They were inspired, and many of them said Shoukat, you are a model church in Pakistan. Some of them requested me to go in their countries and teach this vision (Matthew 28:19) with their church and leaders.

Brother Gary i want to thank you for your encouragement and financial support for me to go and attend this conference. I have also prayed for you and everyone who have supported me for this conference, may the Lord bless you all with its hundredfold. Amen!



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