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Gospel and Grace

"God is good at all times in our lives, and by his grace we are able to worship and praise him," Shakeel reports. He goes on to say that most of the villages in which he and Rustam preach and teach are Hindu. The people in those villages worship many idols and it is difficult for them to turn their backs on the worship they know to worshiping God alone.

"But, still God is good, and he wants us to preach the Gospel to them, and lives are changing by his grace only."

So, though circumstances are challenging, Rustam and Shakeel are faithful in their ministry and, over time, Hindus are turning from their idols to follow Jesus. Here is some news from their visits in November:


The message in Kumb was from Act 3 - the report of Peter and John healing the lame man who rose to his feet and began leaping and walking and praising God. The people listened with attention wanting to know more about the God who can heal and give strength.


This was the first visit by the Reach the Nations team to the village of Kheyari. A religious leader in this Hindu community was brought to the meeting so he could ask for prayers for healing. The men prayed for him and Shakeel taught on the forgiveness of sins that only Jesus can give.


The message in Korki was about the persecution Paul brought against the early Christians and his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus. Shakeel urged the people to trust God in all circumstances, including times of persecution.


In Bunglo both Rustam and Shakeel shared their own testimonies of God's grace in their lives. A Sufi man was there and explained his beliefs while others listened. Then he asked for prayer for his wife and their newborn baby. Shakeel is praying for opportunities to talk further with this man about Jesus and his love.


The people in the village of Mirwa are living away from home right now as they are harvesting in the fields. Shakeel and Rustam when to where they are working and had short meeting just to pray with them and encourage them in their work, assuring them that God wants to bless their lives

Thank you for your continued prayers for fruitfulness as Shakeel and Rustam preach the gospel and teach about what it means to follow Jesus as Lord.


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