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The virus spread has slowed enough in the Province of Sindh that Shakeel and Rustam have been able to hold meetings for preaching, teaching, and ministering to the people there.

Shakeel says, "The world is under lockdown for COVID-19, but The Word of God is still open for preaching and teaching, and God is using his servants for the Kingdom of God." So they go. He also commented that, in addition to the virus, swarms of locusts have destroyed many crops in Pakistan, particiularly affecting the Khairpur area where he and Rustam minister. There is much to pray about as we think of the people of Pakistan.

Rustam and Shakeel visited four areas around Khairpur as well as Mirpurkhas and Shah G Machine in June.

Shakeel comments that worshiping idols is common in the Hindu communities they visit so they are helping them understand, with clear teaching from the Bible, how these idols displease God.

He also is teaching that only God, through Jesus and his death on the cross, has the authority to forgive sins. He taught that the locusts, COVID-19, and lockdowns resulting in job loss might be God's way of calling people to repentance. And when we repent, God will forgive.

Mirpukhas is a new area for Shakeel and Rustam and they are there because people from Mirpukhas asked them to come. Some in this village are already Christians and they are interested in worshiping God and in receiving truths from the Bible.

It was night meeting there last week and, it was dark because there is no electricity. So this picture is dark, but I think you will get an idea of the service there.

"They were blessed and I also blessed while seeing them enjoying the worship," Shakeel says.

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