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Obstacles and Blessings

There are many obstacles to the work in the villages around Hyderabad. Weather is often a factor - too much rain or not enough. Extraordinarily hot or uncomfortably cold. Another obstacle has to do with holidays for the majority religion in Pakistan. This past week it was Murraham, celebrated by the Shia sect and includes processions and public meetings. And, finally, there is the need for the Hindus and Christians living in poverty in these villages to work when work is available. This week, again, many had migrated to the cotton fields where they could find employment and they will stay there until the work is finished.

Shakeel and Rustam, though, faithfully go, often in difficult circumstances, to preach the Gospel and to encourage those who are following Jesus. And God is blessing!

A new village reached

For a few months now, a house leader has been asking Rustam to come and share Bible teaching with Hindus in his village. With that open door, this past week Shakeel and Rustam visited the village of Mirwa and began to establish relationships with the people there.

The Village of Gorki

The work at Gorki continues and Shakeel and Rustam were there this past week, encouraging the congregation and sharing God's Word, teaching of turning around and being thankful, based on Jesus' healing of the ten lepers.

The Village of Kumb

This is our church building, where consistent services are held. There are some who come and listen but have not accepted the truth of what they are hearing. Shakeel says it this way, "In the congregation people are sitting with different faith and mind. But I thank God He gave me strength and wisdom with the power of Holy Spirit."

This week he preached a challenging sermon from 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 on the the subject of who will be able to enter the kingdom of God.

Shakeel asked for prayer for boldness as he and Rustam (shown below) discern God's leading in reaching out to new areas, following up with new believers, challenging people to Christlike living, and always sharing the good news of the Gospel message.

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