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Growing in the Faith

Shakeel and Rustam faithfully go to villages in the Khairpur area, sharing the Gospel, teaching from God's Word, and mentoring faithful men who are growing in their faith.

Recently he visited three locations, preaching three different sermons. The first was in Khairpur in the church building we have been able to establish there. The other two are in outlying villages where they met in homes.

The photos you see are all taken after dark because this is harvest time and the people are working in the fields during the day and can gather together for worship only after the field work is done.

In addition to the group meetings, Shakeel is spending one-on-one time with two men named Raja and Bhutta. Both of these men had made the trip with Shakeel and Rustam to Karachi earlier this month to attend a Covenant Leadership Training Institute seminar in Karachi. Due to nationwide violence and road blockades at that time, the seminar had to be canceled. However, these men spent time with leaders of Reach the Nations and were further encouraged in their study of the Bible, their prayer lives, and their walk with God.

Shakeel continues to receive invitations to preach in other areas. Pray that he will have wisdom as he considers how the ministry will grow out in terms of locations and grow deep in terms of teaching. Many are benefiting from the sacrifical ministries of Shakeel and Rustam and we are thankful for all they do!

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