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Christmas in Khairpur

Christmas is a reason for celebration for Christians around the world. In their December outreach in Khairpur, Shakeel and Rustam helped new and old Christians enjoy the blessings of Christmas worship - followed by a festive meal. First, he taught the gathered people from Matthew 1:21, explaining that Jesus was born into this world so we can receive salvation from our sins.

After the worship service, food was served to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many expressed appreciation to Shakeel for his message and his ministry to them.

On another day Shakeel and Rustam went to Wezier's* house, bringing a Christmas cake. After a cake cutting ceremony with Wezier's family, Shakeel shared the reason for celebrating Christmas. He felt the message was received with openness and joy. (name has been changed to protect the family)

Then Shakeel visited Wezier's place of business: A stall where he sells small toys as a way of earning a living to support his family.

At last, work on enclosing the church building we have been telling you about has begun! Now that the lease is officially signed, materials are being purchased and installed to enclose the building with windows, doors, and roof..

Shakeel and Rustam first visited shops to locate materials for the roof and began negotiation for a good price. They bought cement and other materials to build pillars in the middle of the church. The pillar construction will be completed by a person with expertise in that area.

After the completion of pillars, hopefully in January, work will begin on the roof. We will post updates on this site as we receive them from Shakeel.

Keep praying for this vital ministry to those who are eager to know Jesus and then to learn more about what it means to follow Him.

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