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Hearing Truth. Telling Others

We want you to meet Wezier*. He is Hindu and part of a tribe of 20 to 25 families in a small village outside of Hyderabad. He earns an income by selling small toys to support himself and his new wife.

Though he has no children of his own yet, he does have a family! There are 15 extended family members in the small house in which he lives.

Rustam, who works on our team with Shakeel, visited with Wezier and found that he was curious to know more about God. Rustam spent time with him and his father and then invited them both to come when Shakeel was going to be there on the weekend, leading in worship, and teaching about God.

Shakeel and Wezier met and Wezier now says he wants to follow Shakeel wherever he goes so he can continue learning. Of him, Shakeel says, “We shared the Gospel with him and we believe God has done His work in him.” Now, Wezier wants his family and, in fact, his entire tribe to hear the message of the Gospel as well!

When Shakeel returns to their village later this month, he is planning to spend individual time with Wezier and teach him more about the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity and, if God opens doors, to minister to his extended tribal family as well.

Please pray for the people the villages Shakeel and Rustam visit, especially for Wezier who is seeking God and wanting others to know Him, too. We are so thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit in this work and for the faithfulness of Rustam and Shakeel as they minister to hungry souls and nourish the new believers.

*We have used a different name to protect his identity until he is ready to make a more public profession of faith.

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