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Korki, Kotri, and More

Let's start with Korki, a village in Sindh, and follow Shakeel and Rustam to the villages they have visited in the past two months. There's a lot to tell!


The people in Korki had been frightened for a week by someone throwing stones into their houses while they slept at night. They heard the sound, saw the stones, but when they went out, no one was there.

They called Rustam to come to help. He went to Korki and they prayed together. At the same time, he was in touch by phone with Shakeel who was in Hyderabad praying as well. Rustam spent the night and went home the next day.

Later that week Shakeel also went to the village to encourage them and, in his words, "I encouraged them through the Word of God while sharing miracles of Jesus and his divine power and authority over all things." And the stone throwing has stopped.


In Theri, Shakeel reports, there was a man who was hungry to learn God's Word. He had a very old radio tape he had listened to over and over again. He also found a Christian channel on the radio and there he had heard about Jesus raising a girl from the dead.

He wanted to know more about that story, so Shakeel gave a sermon to the entire group about Jesus' bring Jairus' daughter back to life (Mark 5:21-43).


In the Kumb/Khairpur area we have an established church that is pastored by Rustam. The people gathered to hear sermons on Jesus healing of the man with leprosy and on the importance of being baptized as a confession of faith in Jesus as Savior.

There are special events and teachings for the children there, as well.


A number of people gathered in Sitharja, a new village for Reach the Nations to visit, and they heard Shakeel preach on a passage from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. It was about the wise and foolish builders.


The people in Kotri assembled for teaching and worship, and afterwards a celebration of mango season was held as a special treat for the children.

And praying wherever they go . . .

Prayer concerns:

Pakistan has been experiencing extreme heat and some of our team there have actually become sick for several days at a time due to the physical stresses of constantly high temperatures.

Fortunately, the monsoon season is beginning, so it is hoped that the temperatures will drop. Now the problems relate to flooding and, in Kotri, a damaged roof on the borrowed building in which the people were meeting. They took refuge from the rain in the building, but now there is enough damage that the structure is presently not usable for meeting.

Pray for our team as they address these problems, encourage the people, and care for their own families. There are many stresses in these days.

"I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me." - Paul in Philippians 4:12-13


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