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Food Deliveries: Second Round

Please pray for the Reach the Nations team in Pakistan as they prepare now to begin to distribute food to areas of ministry next week. Mehboob and his team (including Adnan and Irfan) will be serving 50 families in Punjab - a second delivery to the 30 families for whom we provided food last month plus an additional 20 families. About 10 of these families are not Christian, but are those to whom Mehboob and his team want to show the love of Christ.

Manzoor, Rashid and their team will be distributing food from a centrally located church in the Islamabad area. One month's food supply will be provided to 40 families who are in need of help because of job loss during the COVID-19 shutdown. Many of those participating in the distribution are pastors from the United Christian Fellowship in Pakistan and we are thankful for their help during this time.

Shakeel and Rustam will be distributing food to some in dire need in Hyderabad including a few pastors who have no income because their small congregations cannot meet during the quarantine. They will travel to serve other people in Khairpur and Mirpurkhas. Recipients this time will include several Hindu families with whom Shakeel has been sharing the gospel.

In all, 155 families with no outside support at this time of crisis, will be fed for another month. Thank you to all who have given gifts toward this endeavor and for all of you who will pray for this work in the coming week as food is purchased, packaged, and delivered.

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