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Meeting Needs in Punjab

Geographically and governmentally, Pakistan is divided into four provinces: Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh. Pakistan also has a capital territory and some federally governed tribal areas. Reach the Nations is supportive of some already established ministries in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area and engages in outreach and establishment of new churches in both Punjab and Sindh.

This post concerns the ministry in Punjab, a province in the northeastern part of Pakistan with a population of more than 110,000,000. The focus of RTN's Punjab outreach is in impoverished Christian villages outside of the city of Sialkot. Many are Christian in name only, by family heritage. Others are coming to true faith in Christ and are growing in their understanding of the Bible and commitment to following its ways.

Mehboob (on left in photo above) leads RTN's work in Punjab and his team includes Adnon (on the right above) and Efram (not pictured). They recently ministered in two villages.

The first is Mohalla Ban Wala. The men taught from Psalm 37 on the topic of righteous people.

There are presently six families in Mohallah Ban Wala who are visited regularly by our men, who lead them spiritually and help them in other ways including, when necessary, financial support for food and other basic needs.

Propenagara is pictured above and below. Mehboob is teaching from Psalm 123 on the topic of turning our eyes to God. Adnon shares, as well, in the photo below.

There are five families in Propenagara who, Mehboob reports are very poor people. They find some work in the village, but often have to go to other areas for work opportunities. They are visited and ministered to regularly by Mehboob, Adnon, and Efram.

Please pray for wisdom and strength for Mehboob and his team, for the faithfulness of those who know and follow Jesus, for response to the Gospel message from those who need to know Him, and for the meeting of some very real financial and physical needs.

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