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The Great Commission and the Great Need

"Greetings in Jesus name to the whole family of Reach the Nations. We are really thankful to God for the ministry work of RTN." So begins the note that we received yesterday from Mehboob, who leads an RTN team in Punjab, reaching into remote villages where there are Christians, many of whom are eager to feed their minds, hearts, and souls with truths from Scripture. They believe in Christ, but have no access to churches or biblical teaching. So, it is vitally important that Mehboob, Adnon, and Irfan engage faithfully with the people who eagerly anticipate their arrival each week.

In total the team travels to nine villages in and around the Sialkot area of Punjab and each village gets at least one weekly visit for worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship. Mehboob includes a team fellowship on Monday, as well. for the encouragement of those who are, by God's grace, giving of their time and abilities in this work.

Mehboob goes on to say that July began with very hot temperatures - over 122 degrees Farenheit at times - and ended with the beginning of the monsoon season. As a result of the rains, there has been much flooding and some challenges to travel.

As this picture shows, Mehboob's primary means of a transportation is a motorbike which can efficiently get him to out-of-the-way places and at an affordable cost considering the very high price of gasoline in Pakistan at this time.

"Thanks be to God, we are safe and are able to work properly in our areas although the weather is causing some dangerous conditions including slippery roads. But when we meet the people of these areas, they are well and are coming to us happily and giving thanks to God that we are visiting them in these circumstances," Mehboob says.

Please continue to uphold Mehboob, Adnon, and Irfam in prayer as they minister to these families: for

the Word of God to be taught plainly, for the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and lives of those who hear, and for others to come to a knowledge of Jesus as Savior, and then to become diligent in following Him.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty." - Zechariah 4:6

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