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Meet our team!

Gary Finkbeiner and Peter Negron have returned to the U.S after more than two weeks of ministering in Pakistan.

A highlight of the trip was a day-long meeting with our on-the-ground team in Pakistan. This picture (left to right) shows Adnon, Mehboob, Irfan, Peter, Manzoor, Shakeel, and Gary.

Adnon, Irfan, and Mehboob are working in villages in Punjab while Shakeel continues the work among Hindus in Sindh. Manzoor is the General Secretary/Administrator of the Reach the Nations Pakistan team.

The meeting was held at Manzoor’s home in Islamabad and included discussion of RTN’s newly adopted Philosophy of Mission and Vision as well as Job Descriptions for each position on the team.

Fellowship, teaching, and team building worked together to make the day an encouragement to all the men involved.

Thank you for your prayers for this trip. It was apparent to Gary, Peter, and others that God was directing their steps and opening hearts. We are thankful. Now, please continue to pray for those who are pictured here as they carry on the ministry day-by-day.

Note: Rustam also works with Shakeel in Sindh, but was unable to travel to Islamabad for this meeting.

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