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The first time . . .

Do you remember the first time you were able to share in the Lord's Supper? Or the Eucharist or Commnion in some traditions? When you had a relationship with God through Christ and understood the meaning of the wine and the bread? Some of our brothers and sisters in Christ had that experience just recently.

Last week, the small, but growing, congregation in Khairpur celebrated their first communion service. They are being taught from God's Word, many have been baptized and are growing in their faith. So for the first time, Shakeel and Rustam led them in sharing the Lord's Supper and many participated.

Shakeel says, "It was very blessed meeting in this visit, after years RTN ministries able to have this service first time in this congregation, many have part taken in this and rest of all were just watching and we believe one day they will be also take part in this service."

Shakeel taught from 1 Corinthians 11 about the Importance of the Holy Communion they were about to share, including scriptural requirments for taking part.

The service concluded with a celebation of Pakistan's Independence Day "by cutting a cake in the church with elders from men and women. We asked prayer for the nations and for Pakistan for peace. Everyone enjoyed this as well." (Shakeel's words). Then the cake was shared with all.

This service also marked the first time that Shakeel's wife, Benish, and their young daughter attended services in Khairpur with Shakeel. Rustam’s wife also was there, so she and Benish ministered to the women while Shakeel and Rustam taught the men..

May God continue to bless these fellow believers, growing in the Lord, praying for their nation, and increasing in numbers and spiritual maturity.

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