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The eyes have it!

We have told you in past posts about the eye clinic we have been able to help establish at Sahiwal Christian Hospital (CHS) in Sahiwal, Pakistan. The hospital had space to house an eye clinic and surgical center, but needed equipment and personnel. The photo above shows people waiting for care at CHS.

Warren Van Kampen, a retired ophthalmologist, went to Pakistan in October with Reach the Nations Ministries. He is pleased to report that the eye center is now fully equipped and the hospital has hired a highly-trained (in the United Kingdom) Pakistani ophthalmologist. In addition, they have part-time services of a second ophthalmologist and they have set up an optometrist’s office where patients can have their vision checked and, if needed, purchase low-cost eyeglasses.

In the words of Dr. Keith Ackerman, hospital director, “With the availability of this clinic, CHS is now able to offer corrective surgery for cataracts, crossed eyes, lid procedures, glaucoma procedures, external diseases, infections, and allergies by Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel (ophthalmology) as well as optometry services with Dr. Sobia Tufail.”

Warren’s first week in Pakistan was spent in Sahiwal where he, along with hospital staff, conducted several days of free eye clinics for area residents. They saw nearly 100 patients and referred several for follow-up treatment or surgery. The photo below shows the newly-acquired equipment and the team preparing the operating room for the next patient.

He also spent time with the Pakistani optometrist teaching her how to recognize conditions in the eye which require referral to one of the ophthalmologists. Dr. Ackerman expresses great appreciation for the help given that enables the hospital to provide these vision-saving services to people with great needs.

Some of the hospital team shown below with Warren Van Kampen (second from left).

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