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We have a church building!

When Gary Finkbeiner and Warren Van Kampen were in Pakistan last month, an agreement was finalized between the owner of a concrete block building in Kumb that he is allowing us to use (at no rental cost) for church services and activities. In return for his no-cost lease, we have raised the funds to put a roof, windows, and doors on the structure. Now that the agreement is signed, we are ready to begin that work.

In the meantime Shakeel and his team are holding services in Kumb in the partially finished building and are adding Sunday School, Bible studies, and prayer meetings as more and more attend and the consistency of Shakeel's presence is beginning to be felt.

Other villages visited during November include Pir Bhudhro and Bhagodharo where the Gospel is being shared in the open air or in an offered home. The people in Bhagodharo (shown below) are being evicted from they land they are on and are looking for another place to live. Please pray for them as they have very little means of support and no legal recourse when they are treated unfairly.

In our last post, we told you about Wezier, a Hindu convert who wants his entire family to know God as he now does. Shakeel met with Wezier in his home recently and shared Bible teaching with him and his family. After the message, Shakeel heard of their needs and they prayed for God to answer, particularly to bless Wezier's brother and his wife with a child.

The final photo is of a former Hindu leader, now a Christian, who wants his son to be in ministry. Shakeel has counseled the son to continue his school studies at this point, but to learn more about the Bible through Bible study classes Shakeel is soon to begin in his village. We are thanking God for the hunger for His Word implanted in the hearts of many in these villages.

Keep praying for this ministry and for the many needs of the people of Pakistan. May God be glorified by many coming to know Him and learning to worship Him!

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