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April 30, 2020

On April 27, Reach the Nations (RTN), in collaboration with United Christian Fellowship Islamabad/Rawalpindi, delivered a month's supply of groceries to 30 families in the capital city. The picture above shows two of the RTN team members, Rashid Masih and, in the background, Manzoor Masih, sharing food with a woman in desperate need during this time of COVID-19 quarantine.

It's a big project buying several weeks' worth of food for 30 families. Here is where it begins: in the grocery store:

The shop owner, impressed with the cause to help those who are hungry, provided repackaging materials at no cost. The food was then delivered to St. Thomas Church in Islamabad for distribution.

Pre-identified familes were notified to come for their food supply. Those who were not able to travel on their own were picked up and brought to the church. Those who came were registered and family sizes recorded. As they began to come, the distribution team prayed together that needs would be met and that the K...

April 28, 2020

The picture is dark because it was late by the time Mehboob and Adnan reached this little lady in a village outside of Sailkot. But she was so grateful they came!

She has been a widow, Mehboob tells us, for a long time and has had very little opportunity in those years to earn a living. She sometimes is able to get work in homes of the well-to-do, but with the coronavirus shut-down, even that sporadic income is non-existent.

She has been living in poverty for a number of years, but now her living conditions are desperate. She told Mehboob and Adnan she had spent many days in recent weeks searching for food and begging from people, most of whom rejected her.

In despair, she told the men she has simply been waiting for a miracle or even an angel to provide her with food. When Mehboob and Adnon gave her the rice, beans, lentils, flour, oil, and other items, she was astounded. She had her miracle and will never forget the two men who, to her, were angels sent by God himself.

Please j...

April 26, 2020

Here's a one-minute video summary of last week's food distribution to villagers in Sindh Province. Thanks, Shakeel, for providing this!

April 24, 2020

You have been reading our updates on April food distributions to Christian villages in Punjab Province of Pakistan. Now we want you to learn about the deliveries made this past week by Shakeel and Rustam to people in need of basic sustenance during the time of COVID-19 shutdown of all jobs normally undertaken by these day-laborers.

The villages in Sindh provinces in which Shakeel and Rustam have been ministering for several years now are primarily of Hindu background. A number of come to faith in Christ in recent years, but their background is Hindu and, therefore, they are consisdered outcast in their country.

To begin the food distribution, Shakeel rented a vehicle and he and Rustam met in Khairpur to purchase basic groceries in bulk and loaded it all for transport to the villages of Ranipur, Kumb, and Korki.

As they arrived in each village, attempts were made to keep people at a safe social distance, but as additional pictures will show, that was not always successful. Our men, though,...

April 21, 2020

Last week in the an isolated village of Pakistan, a young girl was wasting away, lying weakly on her bed. Her parents were very concerned, but didn't know what to do. When the RTN team arrived, Mehboob called upon the available medical help in their area. The family was told that the girl was suffering from malnutrition. and they needed to get her to a hospital for emergency medical care or she would die. The nearest hospital was miles away and without transportation there was no way to get her there.

These parents knew she needed food more than anything else and they had been scrounging whatever they could find after weeks without work because of the Corona Virus quarantine.

They didn't know how to help her, but, as Christian parents, they knew what they could do: They prayed, asking that God would send help. Mehboob, along with Adnan and Irfan, arrived just in time with groceries for their family. Their dying daughter now had hope. They were overjoyed and...

April 20, 2020

We were all concerned when we heard of the urgent need for food in the outlying villages of Punjab and Sindh during the COVID-19 quaranatine which continues there. Thanks to many who contributed, we are now delivering food, once a month, to families who had no place to turn for help.

Mehboob and Adnan are shown here praying with a family to whom they are delivering food - primarily rice, beans, lentils, oil, and flour. With each delivery, they ministered to the families and assured them of God's love and care for them.

Some, Mehboob reported, had no food in their homes at all. He is letting them know that Christians in America have cared enough to provide for them in this time of great need.

More from Mehboob: "All the families are saying they feel so blessed with this food because during this difficult time nobody came to help them But because of our visit, they now know we have been helping them spiritually and now are helping them practically."

We thought you might like to see the...

April 18, 2020

You have read about the need for food in Pakistan amid the COVID-19 crisis. The evangelism and church planting work of Reach the Nations has been among Christian and Hindu villages in Sindh and Punjab. These people are those who are suffering the most because, as minority religions, they have been denied access to governmental and Islamic food distributions and are now in dire need.

As we have mentioned before, most of the people served by RTN are day-laborers, meaning they work for the day, receive their pay, then purchase food and go home to eat with their families. If they have no work (and most of the day-laborer jobs have been shut down by government quarantine), they receive no pay, and cannot buy food

Thanks to the generositiy of many, RTN is now able to provide food for those most in need in these villages. These photos show Mehboob (below), who leads the ministry in Punjab, as he and his team (Irfan and Adnan) purchase food in bulk and repackage it for distribution to 30 familie...

April 5, 2020

We wanted to share a few photos with you of village visits made by Mehboob, Irfan, and Adnan a couple of weeks ago. These may be the last you will see until travel restrictions, enacted due to the coronavirus, are lifted in Pakistan as our men are no longer free to travel for these purposes.

Mehboob was able to visit villages this past weekend, though, in order to assess the need that is occuring now that day laborers have no work. Shakeel is doing the same assessment for the villages he and Rustam serve in Sindh. At this point, travel is still allowed on a limited basis for trying to help those with basic needs.

Both Shakeel and Mehboob will report back to us as we try to determine ways to help make sure the people to whom we minister will not face starvation. We will get more information to you as soon as we have a specific plan. 

We ask that you pray for clear direction as we work to provide for those in desperate need and please pray, as well, for the people who will not have acc...

April 3, 2020

We’d like you to meet Dilip Kumar, a Hindu background believer in Jesus who attends the Reach the Nations church meetings in Khairpur.

Shakeel tells us that Dilip is a motorbike mechanic, providing good service to some of the many, many motorbike owners and riders in Pakistan.

Dilip’s grandfather was a Christian, and, as a result of that relationship,  Dilip showed an interest in following Christ. When Shakeel asked him why he came to hear messages from the Word of God, he replied, “I like the teaching from Bible and I want to be baptized in water, too” – just as his grandfather had years earlier.

Remember that in much of the world, being baptized is giving public evidence of faith in Christ and, in so doing, means a rejection of the faith of their families. Sometimes the families are angry about such a clear departure from their faith and will react against the person.

So, Shakeel wisely offered to teach him more about water baptism and following the way of Christ. At some point, we pray...

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