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January 24, 2020

Shakeel had an opportunity to visit some desert villages recently: Mirpurkhas, Kunri, Dhoronaro, and Somaro. These villages are hard to reach, but he was able to go with the help of a friend from Mirpurkhas.

In two of the villages he was able to share the gospel message and to preach the Word of God.

He said these are Hindu communities where some have heard of Jesus and even received him at one time. But there has been no one to train them in the ways of true discipleship, so they have fallen away. Some, he says, are Christian in name only. He said they were blessed when they heard again the true teaching from God's Word.

Shakeel hopes God will open the door again for him to go back to these areas to continue to share Christ and to teach truth.

Rustam was not with him on this trip, but he was teaching in a Sunday School near his own home. Here are some pictures of his ministry with these children:

January 16, 2020

Shakeel and Rustam visited six different villages in January. Two are regular stops for these men, but four are in new territory. The picture above was taken in Kumb where Shakeel taught about the parable of the landlord and the tenants, challenging the people there, who have been listening to God's teaching for some time now, to respond in obedience to him.

Here, in Shakeel's words is an overview of outreach visits to these six villages:

"We give thanks God for this New Year and for the opportunity to do his work. In this trip to Khairpur we visited six areas for outreach: Two were old and four were new areas. Each village has a different story, but one thing I found in them is that they were hungry for the Word of God. In two areas they listened for the first time about Jesus Christ. In some areas the people said they didn’t want to listen about Jesus, but God gave me wisdom and boldness to share Gospel among them, and they stayed to listen. I believe the Holy Spirit is doing His work....

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