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December 31, 2019

Christmas is a reason to celebrate and it gives us an opportunity to share the joy with Christians in small villages in Pakistan and to use the festivities as a way to reach out to others with the good news of Christ's birth.

Mehboob and his team provided Christmas celebrations for several villages in the Sialkot area of Punjab. The first was for the people of Propenagara as you see below. 


The party included the recitation of Bible verses about Jesus' birth that many of the children had memorized as well as a time of worship and the presentation of a Christmas drama.

The church service was followed by a Christmas Tea Party complete with cake and the giving of gifts to the children. Mehboob says, "All the people and children are very happy and gave thanks to God for our regular visits and for giving them a Christmas party and gifts. Thank you for you support." 

 Getting ready to cut the Christmas cake.

 So thankful for gifts!


In Banwala, people ga...

December 19, 2019

Shakeel and Rustam invited all the villages surrounding Khairpur to gather last Sunday for a Christmas celebration. Most of these believers are former Hindus. You can imagine the significance of knowing Jesus after years of having no understanding of the Bible, the afterlife, or the possibility of forgiviness and salvation.

They began their celebration with Rustam, shown above, teaching the children about the reason Christians celebrate this day. As you can see below, the children learned their lessons well!

Then Shakeel led the worship service for all who were there and, of course, he preached to them about Jesus' birth and what it means for our lives today and in the world to come.

And, then, all were invited to stay for a celebratory meal. Their dining "table" is the floor (standard in Pakistani family settings). You can see the dishes of food in the center of the group.

In a country that is 97% Islamic and only about 2% Christian, celebrating Christmas is a joy they don't take for gran...

December 6, 2019

Shakeel and Rustam ministered in three villages late last month. The first was Kumb.



This meeting was held in Rustam's home. Shakeel preached from Psalm 115 about ways in which God blesses His people. 

Shakeel was happy to report that the people in this village had returned from working in the cotton fields and were, once again, able to gather to worship God. He said,"It was blessed meeting with lots of people, especially women who were the majority attending the service in this visit. Their culture doesn’t allow woman to come in front of any man, so in the beginning of our work, there were fewer women in the meetings, but the Lord is opening doors and we are finding ways to teach them. People are experiencing change as they hear the Word of God."  

He also commented that the children in the photo above are the future and continuing growth of Christianity in this village.


Bhago Dharo

In Bhago Dharo, Shakeel used the...

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