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December 29, 2017

Christmas is a reason for celebration for Christians around the world. In their December outreach in Khairpur, Shakeel and Rustam helped new and old Christians enjoy the blessings of Christmas worship - followed by a festive meal.  First, he taught the gathered people from Matthew 1:21, explaining that Jesus was born into this world so we can receive salvation from our sins.

After the worship service, food was served to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many expressed appreciation to Shakeel for his message and his ministry to them.


On another day Shakeel and Rustam went to Wezier's* house, bringing a Christmas cake. After a cake cutting ceremony with Wezier's family, Shakeel shared the reason for celebrating Christmas.  He felt the message was received with openness and joy. (name has been changed to protect the family)

Then Shakeel visited Wezier's place of business: A stall where he sells small toys as a way of earning a living to support his family.

At las...

December 21, 2017

We have told you in past posts about the eye clinic we have been able to help establish at Sahiwal Christian Hospital (CHS) in Sahiwal, Pakistan. The hospital had space to house an eye clinic and surgical center, but needed equipment and personnel. The photo above shows people waiting for care at CHS.

Warren Van Kampen, a retired ophthalmologist, went to Pakistan in October with Reach the Nations Ministries. He is pleased to report that the eye center is now fully equipped and the hospital has hired a highly-trained (in the United Kingdom) Pakistani ophthalmologist. In addition, they have part-time services of a second ophthalmologist and they have set up an optometrist’s office where patients can have their vision checked and, if needed, purchase low-cost eyeglasses.

In the words of Dr. Keith Ackerman, hospital director, “With the availability of this clinic, CHS is now able to offer corrective surgery for cataracts, crossed eyes, lid procedures, glaucoma procedures, external diseases,...

December 12, 2017

Note: Peter Negron (on far right in the photo above) is the pastor of Pure in Heart Church in Chicago. He also serves on the Reach this Nations board with a heart of compassion for those in need – physically, emotionally, and, most of all, spiritually. This is his story:

“To be known as a Christian is to be known as a servant.” - Peter Negron

Hurricane Maria brought devastating destruction to the U. S. Territory of Puerto Rico near the end of September. The category 5 storm wreaked havoc throughout the island, cutting water and power services, damaging infrastructure and causing many deaths.

As Peter prayed for the now-desperate people of Puerto Rico, he had a strong sense the God wanted him to go to help and to take others with him to join in the work. A small team took off in October and this was Peter’s initial response:

“Words cannot accurately describe what I have seen in the few short hours I have been here. It has been several weeks almost a month since Maria and the job ahead is go...

December 5, 2017

When Gary Finkbeiner and Warren Van Kampen were in Pakistan last month, an agreement was finalized between the owner of a concrete block building in Kumb that he is allowing us to use (at no rental cost) for church services and activities. In return for his no-cost lease, we have raised the funds to put a roof, windows, and doors on the structure. Now that the agreement is signed, we are ready to begin that work.

In the meantime Shakeel and his team are holding services in Kumb in the partially finished building and are adding Sunday School, Bible studies, and prayer meetings as more and more attend and the consistency of Shakeel's presence is beginning to be felt.

Other villages visited during November include Pir Bhudhro and Bhagodharo where the Gospel is being shared in the open air or in an offered home. The people in Bhagodharo (shown below) are being evicted from they land they are on and are looking for another place to live. Please pray for them as they have very little...

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