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December 26, 2016

Last month, Warren Van Kampen, a retired ophthalmologist from west Michigan, made a second trip to Pakistan with Reach the Nations and revisited Christian Hospital of Sahiwal (CHS) located in the city Sahiwal just over 100 miles southwest of Lahore in central Pakistan.

The hospital, under the direction of Dr. Keith Ackerman, offers high quality medical, obstetric, and orthopaedic services. On his previous visit, Dr. Van Kampen realized they were not equipped to offer any ophthalmologic services and, with Dr. Ackerman’s enthusiastic approval, he set about to correct that. The two men worked together over the past months to select and purchase the right equipment, to rehab appropriate space inside the hospital, and to prepare an ophthalmology suite to provide eye exams and surgeries.

In November. Dr. Van Kampen was on-site to help with the organization of the clinic and operating room and, working with a local Pakistani ophthalmologist, to train the nurses in use of the equi...

December 19, 2016

On December 15, Evangelist Shakeel Rehmat married a beautiful Christian woman named Beenish Silla.

Shakeel, as you may be aware, had been working with Reach the Nations, going into Hindu villages around Hyderabad and sharing with them the message of the Gospel. God has blessed his ministry, with now more than 100 families (from just two of the villages) worshipping together each week. Many have been baptized and are following the path of discipleship.

We are happy to be able partner with Shakeel in this work and now pray God's blessing on him and his new bride!

December 16, 2016

One of the ministries we partner with in Pakistan is The Cross Connecting Network, headed by Jerry and Sharon Miner of North Carolina. They work primarily through Mushdaq and Kanwel in the gigantic city of Karachi. Sharon wrote this week to tell us of baptisms that took place shortly after Gary and Mike were there ministering in meetings for several days. Here is an excerpt from her letter to Gary:

I'll attach a picture below to show you a girl standing beside Kanwel with a black dress with a large red geometric design on it. This is Sidra and here is her story. Sidra's father sells wine - and also illegal drugs. Sidra grew up using and selling drugs. She preferred to hang with the boys - and wanted to be a boy. She didn't think she ever wanted to marry. 

She came to the Shama Center for training, and the stories of Jesus changed her life. She gave her heart to Jesus and began to ask about baptism. When you and Mike were visiting and Mike preached at Central Chur...

December 12, 2016

The Reach the Nations team has returned from Pakistan with an exciting report of God at work in this land. The team for this year’s mission was comprised of Warren Van Kampen, Mike Hayden, and Gary Finkbeiner. During the two-weeks of ministry, these men witnessed 20 new conversions to Christ with as many re-dedications to serving the Lord. And we are pleased to report that the newly converted have already begun to be baptized in water and join in local church life.

Here is a quick summary for your perusal:

Village Outreach:

The reach into outlying villages, started under the evangelistic efforts of Nazeer Mal, continues to see new converts, 55 of whom (all adults) were baptized in recent weeks. Shakeel Rehmat now leads the ministry in these outreach areas and he reports that 100 families in these villages are worshipping on a regular basis in Sunday services.

Community Health:

While Mike and Gary ministered to leaders and churches in both the north and south of Pakistan, Warren oversaw the...

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